Kai Voltage is a Pacific Northwest artist blending wide ranging influences into a unique, inspired sound. Known for writing, guitar, bass, vocals, and managing duties in a family tree of West Coast bands, this is Kai’s first project stepping behind the kit while singing.

“I’d always wanted to sing while drumming. There’s something especially visceral and connecting about vocals and percussion to me. I’ve always wanted to do both at the same time…For live sets I’ve been recording the bass and guitar, loading the tracks into a pedal, and playing drums/singing to them…I create atmospheric sounds and throw them in the mix, sing some of the songs while playing guitar, sometimes with a loop pedal…I’ve been working on creating visual pieces…”

“I went to lots of DIY shows growing up in Vancouver. My older sister started taking me to see punk bands when I was eleven. The Commercial Drive Legion, Seylynn Hall…places like that. I remember being in a circle pit the first time. The energy, catharsis, freedom, community of it all. It’s kept me coming back…joining and starting bands, promoting shows, helping bands out…”

Kai promotes concerts with CVGBs on Vancouver Island and plays in a band that changes its name every show with friend, Keith Parry. The duo most recently appeared as Thunder Lizard at CVGB’s Bad Friday 2019 Extravaganza featuring Brass (Vancouver), Moths and Locusts (Nanaimo), and Diode (Cumberland).

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