9 Lives Release Show

Thursday September 26th/19

The Cambie Nanaimo

Kai Voltage [One-person band + acoustic]

Rebuild/Repair (Edmonton)

The Witching Hour: Victoria

Friday August 2nd/19

(Promotion w/ CVGBs)

Wheelies Motorcycles, Victoria, BC

Rough Spells (Toronto, DHU Records)

Crimson Witch (Victoria, BC)

The Witching Hour: Cumberland

Saturday August 3rd/19

(Promotion, sound & stage w/ CVGBs)

Cumberland, BC Masonic Hall

Rough Spells (Toronto, DHU Records)

Snakies (Ladysmith, BC)

Bad News Babysitters (Courtenay, Vancouver, Victoria BC)

Melinda M. Comedy/MC (Black Creak, BC)

The Witching Hour: Nanaimo

Sunday August 4th/19

(Promotion w/ CVGBs)

The Nanaimo Bar

Rough Spells (Toronto, DHU Records)

Crimson Witch (Victoria, BC)

Greasy Hombres (Nanaimo, BC)

CVGBs Presents Bad Friday

Friday April 19th/19

 (Promotion, sound & stage w/ CVGBs)

Cumberland Masonic Hall, BC

Brass (Vancouver, BC)

Moths & Locusts (Nanaimo, BC)

Diode (Cumberland, BC)

Thunder Lizard (Thunder Town, Outer Space [Vox/Bass]

CVGBs Presents…

March 8th/19

(Promo, sound & stage w/ CVGBs)

Devours (Vancouver)

Shitlord Fuckerman (Vancouver)

Colliding Canyons (Nanaimo)

Lush Valley Benefit


May 26th/17

Kai Voltage (Solo Acoustic)

Strange Creatures (Comox Valley, [Vox/Guitar])

Roye’s Towne Pub

Flying Canoe Featured Artist: Kai Voltage

Nov 16/17

Solo Acoustic

Courtenay, BC

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