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Maija Martin, Sarena Sairan (Rough Spells) The Kai Voltage Show

Kick back and enjoy this awesome episode with Maija Martin & Sarena Sairan of Toronto's one and only, Rough Spells (DHU Records, Fuzzed and Buzzed Records). This includes a demo clip of an unreleased song! Sarena & Maija discussĀ  everything from their latest album, Ruins at Midday to their song writing process and much more! This was a super fun episode & many laughs were had. Rough Spells rock!
  1. Maija Martin, Sarena Sairan (Rough Spells)
  2. James Wood (Knock On Wood Studios, Hotel Lobbyists, Jim Legacy, Megabear)
  3. Jacob Arnet (Crimson Witch)
  4. Owen Reimer (Old Derelicts, Tinkin' Pete, Mellowhaunt, Oppenheimer, Stevie's Revenge, Kelpi & The Loom)
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