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Shawn Gabel (Diode, Born of Ashes, Batoche…+) The Kai Voltage Show

Awesome interview with guitarist, vocalist, engineer, mixer, promoter extraordinaire, Shawn Gabel! Shawn currently plays in, Diode out in beautiful Cumberland BC, Comox Valley. We talk balancing music with lifes other adventures, his work with Cumberland Forest Society, and of course the mighty, loud, and proud DIODE. With an EP (2018) and full-length, Radiant Blue Crash (2021), they have already carved out a sound bringing together the best parts of acid rock, metal, punk, hardcore, prog rock, with druid chants, face melting guitar solos, and sweet keyboard riffs thrown in for good measure! Sit back, relax and enjoy this episode with Shawn Gabel!
  1. Shawn Gabel (Diode, Born of Ashes, Batoche…+)
  2. Maija Martin, Sarena Sairan (Rough Spells)
  3. James Wood (Knock On Wood Studios, Hotel Lobbyists, Jim Legacy, Megabear)
  4. Jacob Arnet (Crimson Witch)
  5. Owen Reimer (Old Derelicts, Tinkin' Pete, Mellowhaunt, Oppenheimer, Stevie's Revenge, Kelpi & The Loom)
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