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Teva McGillis (Tone Quest, Guitarist, Strangest Creature) The Kai Voltage Show

Enjoy this episode with guitar wizard extraordinaire, Teva Las Vegas!  We talk tone quest, gear, pedals, and a Jimi Hendrix experience Teva had in London after going to a gig at Ronnie Scott's! Teva grew up on Cortes Island in the Pacific Northwest where he learned to survive the elements by offering his soaring guitar solos to the spirits of sound and nature! Viva Las Vegas!
  1. Teva McGillis (Tone Quest, Guitarist, Strangest Creature)
  2. Shawn Gabel (Diode, Born of Ashes, Batoche…+)
  3. Maija Martin, Sarena Sairan (Rough Spells, The Gay, Tennessee Twin, Queen Size S.H.A.G.)
  4. James Wood (Knock On Wood Studios, Hotel Lobbyists, Jim Legacy, Megabear)
  5. Jacob Arnet (Crimson Witch)
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